Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the road to alaska

the road to alaska was just as i remembered,long.after lexy and i left tahoe we spent a few weeks in sacramento.we caught up with family and saw some old friends.then it was off to washington to pick up my dad who lives in olympia.he was going to make the drive up with us then fly home after.we stayed around at his place for a few days then packed up for the last push.we left my dads on june 15 and hit the Canadian border later that morning.after a long wait and some Patience we finally got into canada.we made it deep into BC befor we set up camp for the nite and crashed.the next two days going thru BC was awesome the animals were everywhere and made for some slow goin but it was still cool watching them.we hauled ass up the alcan hwy only slowin for some badass frost heaves.the Yukon stretch reminds you how far out there you really are.the gas was a smooth $8.50 a gallon,and the stations along the way either had little or no gas making things extra fun.but the afternoon of our fourth day we hit the alaska border in beaver creek.this time we had no problems only took about five minutes and we were heading to the tok we hit tok i could almost taste the end of the car ride.we had averaged 600-700 miles a day,lexy my dad and i kept a good rotation going swapin out driving about every 300 to 350 miles.after smooth sailin the whole way we got stoped in construction.even with the construction delay we still busted out the last few hours to anchorage.we pulled into my sisters house around 11:00 pm.2649 miles in four days needless to say it took me a min to get back into the car.all in all the trip up was awesome and the fishing at nite in the campgrounds was great,nothing huge but very steady action witch was cool after a long day in the car.we are now settling in and havin a blast so far.i have been on the water every day so far and it just keeps gettin better as the summer goes.the reds have been pouring into the kenai for about the last 2-3 weeks and has been amazing.the run is well over a million fish already and still goin. the king run was not good this year leading to the emergency order to close the king season.pinks and chums have just started showin up this year and have been fun in the last few days with the runs building stronger daily.and my favorite,the silvers.they are just around the corner with a few early scouts showing up in the last couple days.the trout fishing has been nuts!with 20-25 fish in a couple hours time.with the record snow fall up here last winter it has made for a very late season with all runs pushed back a few weeks later than normal.that being said this has left the rainbows without their normal diet of eggs and flesh.making for some great fishing.i watched a bow move about 15 feet to take my leech the other day,it was sick.august thru October will only be better and i cant wait.i will include some fish picks from the last few weeks in the next post.


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nick holman said...

thanks thats awesome to hear!that made my is the the truckee and lt fishing.i hear you guys had a nice hot summer.hope the fishing is as hot.

rm said...

hot, the swimming was great. its brown trout time!