Monday, October 1, 2012

almost over

its that time here in ak.the days are getting shorter the leaves are falling and the trout are gourging on has been a little slow the last few weeks due to some favorite creek came up 7.5 feet overnite making for some tricky fishing.if you have some skills and paitence you can still get into some great fish.flesh and eggs are the deal this time of year up here.this has been a great summer and fall so far even with the floods.i met a ton of cool people this year on the water and hope to see them back next year for another round.the silvers finally showed and in good numbers but have been hard to get at with the high water.the flows are just now droping and the last few days of sun have me praying i can get out some more befor mother nature cuts me off.its going to be a long winter of tying and painting beads.i find that the long winter of no fishing only makes my passion for fly fishing and my love of releasing wild rainbows that much stronger.