Sunday, March 25, 2012

two more months

made it out today and hit up the Lt.picked up a few rainbows and this nice brown.they all came off the sjw.watching the bows chase each other around this morning and dig beds i couldnt help but remind myself that two months from now i will be back in alaska for good.the thought of getting back on my favorite waters and the 30inch plus rainbows that lurk below consume my one track mind life long dream has been anwsered and i will be guiding full time.i will for sure miss and always come back to tahoe but my soul belongs to alaska.there is something magical about that place once you have seen and done it you will never be the family still lives up north and i cant wait to be back with dads side of the family is from kodiak and my moms from montana,dont know how i ended up a trout bum but i dont care either.

Friday, March 9, 2012

givin it a shot.

figured i would give this blog thing a shot. not sure how it will go but i will try to stay with it. i was inspired by all the sick blogs i have been reading for a while. so thanks to everyone of you fish nerds who take the time to post about all your fishing and days on the water. i have been very busy the last few weeks and not on the water as much as i would like. i was able to get out this morning with my buddy nate and picked up a few clean bows. #18 olive rs2 was killin it this morning