Sunday, May 13, 2012

the tahoe tour

went out on thursday with friend and local guide matt heron.we have been trying to hit the water together for a while but we both have pretty crazy schedules.we started out hittin up some tiny creeks where matt was killin the brookies,i was gettin hit as well but for some reason couldn't seal the deal on we got back in town we hit the was fishing pretty good we pulled out a gang of bows befor it started to slow a little.we decided to hit up the bat cave on the lt as our last stop for the day.had the same results as the truckee the fish on both rivers are spread out as we were finding fish in just about every kind of water.all in all it was a fun ass day so thanks again matt i had a blast.if your in the tahoe area and looking for a guide hit up matt,not only is he a great fisherman and guide but an all around hell of a nice guy.matt can be reached at

Saturday, May 5, 2012

about time

about time i made it out again.things have been crazy,trying to get the last minute things done befor i leave to and lexi are so ready to head out.cant say im lookin to forword to the 5 day drive,but knowing what awaits me is keepin me goin the last few weeks.this is going to be a crazy ass summer thats all i the mean time though this guy fell for the pink sjw.